I Promise – I AM The Best – It’s In The Bag – WHAT!

. . . heard this before?  Like “I Am The Next American Idol”  and you reel with shock as the person launches into a song . . . and can’t sing if their life depended upon it.

Or (a pet dislike of mine and Robyn), the hero of the show promises against all odds to completely save all of humanity armed with a teaspoon and tooth pick, (you know what I mean).

Why do people crank up our own image to a larger than life state only to crash and burn – often publicly.  Then rinse off and repeat!

Well . . . let’s find out!

painting slice: Robyn Parker Feehan

painting slice: Robyn Parker Feehan

Conceit (an overly high opinion of oneself) is rife in our culture today.  Pastor Phil Pringle in his fantastic recent blog suggests it’s born of a person’s spirit poisoned by rejection and disappointment – I agree wholeheartedly.  I have lifted the scripture Pastor Phil quotes and his ensuing explanation.  It’s brilliant, it needs to be shared, and . . . the healing Jesus brings to Peter thoroughly beautiful and amazing.

Pastor Phil’s BLOG:

Matt 26:33-34 “Peter declared, ‘If everyone else deserts you, I won’t.’ Jesus told him, ‘The truth is that this very night, before the cock crows at dawn, you will deny me three times!”

We set ourselves up for a fall as soon as we become conceited in our opinion of ourselves. We also set ourselves up for disappointment when we have expectations of ourselves that are too high. Expectations can come from:

  • What others expect of us
  • What we imagine others expect of us
  • What we think God requires of us
  • What we expect of ourselves

Peter had failed Jesus, and himself, and the others. They were all discouraged over their seemingly fickle commitment. Not one had seemed to remain as true as they would have liked. Yet the Healer of the broken heart knew that Peter needed some attention. This wound to his spirit needed to be resolved.

When Jesus appears to the disciples on the shore, he exposes the wound and then heals it by asking Peter if he really does love Him (more than the other disciples) He asks him three times, and each time Jesus reassures Peter of His love for him, and his acceptance with God, and that a great purpose still awaits him. When the interview was finished Peter was healed, yet this was not what we could call a supernatural, miraculous healing. It was the healing that happens when we know we have failed, yet we are still loved and accepted by God. This in turn helps us to accept and love ourselves in a healthy way.

(Back To Me)  Thank you Pastor Phil.

God is amazing!

See You In Church Church!

In His Amazing Name

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~ by Glenn Feehan on September 4, 2015.

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  1. Amen!

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