Baptisms – Three?

Baptize.  What a word!  What can it mean?  As we walk out our faith in God we read and see and discover these three baptisms.  The first being the initial and significant entry point to our faith.

Image courtesy of criminalatt at

Image courtesy of criminalatt at


  1. Baptism of Water: being immersed in water.  Representational of the purging of sin, being washed in the “living waters” of God.  We go in as the repentant independent soul, we come out adopted by heaven and born again of the Spirit of God.  An incredible fresh start.  A whole new level of sight and vision!
  2. Baptism in The Holy Spirit: as promised by John the Baptist, we can be baptized in the Holy Spirit and Fire by Jesus.  We walk into this experience already blown away by our salvation in Jesus and the continuing unfolding of how great God is.  We come out, empowered by the gifts that come from the Holy Spirit and somehow tuned to hear His voice and be more easily lead by Him.  The fruit of the Holy Spirit turn from buds on the vine to full blown fruit.
  3. Baptism into the Body / The Church: as we let ourselves arrive and be involved in the church and the body of believers a rich level of purpose and selflessness bursts in our hearts and “doings.”  Surrendering into the life of your church, acknowledging the richness of fellowship (hanging out and working side by side) and vision of your church and your own life – this is immense and many are still to find this “place.”

Many like to arrive and leave their church remaining almost anonymous the whole time and continue to live their lives as Islands – and when an outpouring of the Holy Spirit arrives this “many” often don’t “get it” or find themselves in “catch-up” mode.

Each Baptism is entered into by a surrender, and once again in God’s Kingdom, it’s sowing – sowing one’s life into each decision.  As completely as we can at each step.

What stops us?  Fear.

Fear of what?  Oh, pretty much every bad thing we’ve all seen churches can be, and fear of becoming a strange fanatical person.  Losing control of our lives to religious craziness!  Or fear of just not having control of our lives!

That’s not God’s intention.

We don’t have to have a lobotomy to surrender ourselves to God in any of these Baptisms.

In fact God actually tells us to test “every spirit” we encounter along the way.  How?  By His scripture!  We each have a manual right?

So let’s trust God and let go!

Jump in – the waters are fantastic!

God is amazing right?

See You In Church!

Yours In His Amazing Name

Ps Glenn Feehan

c3 True NORTH Church.  Frisco Texas

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~ by Glenn Feehan on September 14, 2013.

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