Unless The Lord Builds The House

Psalm 127:1 (NKJV)

1           Unless the LORD builds the house,  They labor in vain who build it;


Ultimately we think this definitive scripture draws a line between a life built in and on the Lord and one that isn’t.

However it can be about being led by the Lord in all kinds of ways . . .

If we start by thinking God wants to build (the House, the Dream, the Vision) through us.

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Here’s some thoughts . . .

We may feel like we’re doing the Lord a favour, helping Him achieve something?


We may be trying very hard to do what we “think” the Lord wants – but right from the start, we didn’t “inquire of Him.”  We just went ahead and went to work on our endeavors.  Which all look fine and very “christian-like” – but have we arrived at doing our will “in Jesus name?”


David’s first attempt at bringing the ark into the city was a total and mortal failure – why?  He didn’t inquire of the Lord about how God wanted it to happen.


We can build and build and build, but unless the Lord is “in” the dream, or vision, or leading the way, forget it.


We can be believing for someone to come to know the Lord, or begin to walk in Him, or be led by the Spirit in life and we can spend forever on that person “speaking words of wisdom and encouragement,” but unless the person decides to stop resisting the Lord –  you/we will labor in vain.  You may need to simply love them for who they are, where they are, and let their salvation slip back into the Lord’s in-tray.


How do we get all this back in line with God?

Before doing anything, simple, just inquire of the Lord – you know, talk to Him, give Him the rite to shut the door, stop the bus, speak “no,” shout YES, give instruction, bring counsel into your life.


Then make your moves – He’ll look after you, lead you, maneuver you, provide for you, bless you or stop you!



See You In Church!

In His Amazing Name

Ps Glenn Feehan

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~ by Glenn Feehan on May 18, 2013.

One Response to “Unless The Lord Builds The House”

  1. This pretty much sums up most of my life. Prior to seeking God for direction, I would take matters into my hands resulting in upsets and under achievements. With God leading the way, life has been much better and there is much more fulfillment.
    Amazing blog post. Thank you!

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