No Hasty Shortcuts and More Grunt!

I was chatting with a great friend last night – we got onto a subject that perplexed us both . . . laziness.  This morning in my Chrono Bible plan I run into this . . .


Prov 21: 5 (NLT)        Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity,  but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.


This year lets wage war on laziness, lets catch ourselves when we’re thinking about how to circumvent doing a great job by doing the task with as little personal “grunt” as possible.

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There’s a different between thinking and doing life smarter and avoiding hard work.  Are we trying to find a fast efficient way or trying to find the lazy way.  The “smart” comes mostly in the planning, then we pick up the shovel and do the “grunt” work.


I was listening to Dave Ramsey last night and he was saying similar things.

Just maybe the brand new 2013 gym membership (new years  resolution that largely has faded to nothing by Valentines day) could be replaced by . . . working harder / being more active at home, you know, mowing your own lawns or something similar.  Walking the dog . . . hey you can use that walk time or mowing time as “talk time” with the Lord right?  It saves the gym membership fees, it saves on gas driving to the gym, saves on paying someone to mow your lawn, saves on wear and tear on the couch, your dog gets better health, you get better health, longer life!  Win Win Win!


I want all my friends, my church, my family to prosper – there is no substitute for hard work.


Don’t mistake faith as a replacement for hard work.  Strong, activated faith and “grunt” work work hand in hand (Faith without works is dead)  I have seen too many people believing God for something He has asked them to do or at least be the integral part down here on planet “reality.”  So what happens when hard work is replaced by “I am believing by faith” . . . a lot of couch sitting . . . and disaster cometh!


One of my old Pastors back in our New Zealand days always said “once you’ve prayed, always expect to be a functional part of God’s answer to your prayer, if it all happens without you, fantastic, if He needs you, you’re already up and running!” – one of my current mentors says “you move, God moves.”  Same same.


I just cant see how laziness or short-cutting can be any good at all!

I think I’ll agree with God!


See You In Church Church!


In His Amazing Name

Ps Glenn Feehan

C3 True NORTH Church.  Frisco Texas


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~ by Glenn Feehan on January 3, 2013.

One Response to “No Hasty Shortcuts and More Grunt!”

  1. Awesome! Great blog post to kick off the new year right.

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