Recovery – 101!

A Re-Blog from Ps Phil Pringle. (


1 Sam 30:8 So David inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I pursue this troop?  Shall I overtake them?” And He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.”


Signpost along the road to recovery.

[Ps Phil]  David had just lost everything, his family, his possessions and his entire army turned against him wanting to kill him because they too had lost everything to the Amalekite invasion of their hometown, Biklag. David was completely alone. He encouraged himself in the Lord, something every leader has to do on his lonely days. When his faith was stronger, he asked the Lord if he should attempt to recover what the enemy had taken. David was an accomplished military expert, yet he still submitted his plans to God for a YES or NO. He didn’t rush off to attack the Amalekites asking God to be with him. This was David’s secret, ‘surrender & obedience to God.’ The answer – ‘Pursue & you’ll recover everything.’ God doesn’t do it all for us. We need to go out & do the business of recovery. David defeated the enemy & not only got all his men’s families & goods back, and his own, but also all the spoils the Amalekites had taken from all the other towns they had ravaged. David’s worst day became one of his best because he committed his way to the Lord!


[Ps Glenn]  I believe, we can suffer badly from a very lazy way of believing for recovery and pretty much everything else in life.  I don’t see anything “lazy” about the word “pursue”  nor the action undertaken to “defeat the enemy” – can we be stuck in the faith/life mode whereby  . . . if it’s not within arms reach, we don’t get off the couch?

Where are to be fully energetic, fully surrendered in obedience to our fully incredible God!


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In His Amazing Name

Ps Glenn Feehan

C3 TrueNORTHChurch.  Frisco Texas


~ by Glenn Feehan on December 15, 2012.

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