It Exploded Into A Revolution!

It Exploded Into A Revolution!

2 Kings 22

Josiah came to power in Judah after previous Kings had allowed the half nation to drag all manner of paganism, weird idol worship, sexual deviation & human gratification into the temple and the city.  He ordered a complete reno of the Temple.

One of his advisors found the book of law while ferreting round in the temple one day . . . showed it to Josiah, Josiah tore  his clothes in anguish . . . how far the half nation had fallen.

The word of God met a man that wanted what David wanted, and it exploded into a revolution.

The temple got cleansed, the city followed, God said you guys will not suffer from the sins of previous regimes.

You will be blessed, you will have peace, you will keep the enemy away and the great I Am will be right there with you.

The parallels are everywhere!


See You In Church Church!


Image By Michal Marcol

~ by Glenn Feehan on August 4, 2011.

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